City and Guilds Millinery level 2 7716 qualification
October 2020 - September 2021

A collection of hats made by City and Guilds students taught by Janie Lashford.


The course consists of 120 hours of tuition at the School of Millinery. These hours of tuition will take place one weekend a month over 10 months in succession. There will be additional work to do at home.

The course is divided into 2 parts.
   • Unit 1 Design for craft
   • Unit 2 Craft
Both units have to be taken.

The cost of this City and Guilds course is £2,200. This figure includes tuition, registration, verification and certification fees.

Hat blocks are provided by the school.
All millinery haberdashery and materials are to be paid for by the student.

Course Details


There are 4 outcomes for this unit. Candidates will be able to :

  1. Use primary colours to produce secondary colours, add black and white to produce tints, tones and shades.
  2. Explore the qualities of line and mark making.
  3. Demonstrate the relationship between shape and form.
  4. Create a range of surface textures using simple techniques.


There are 5 outcomes for this unit . Candidates will be able to :

  1. Apply basic design ideas to planning and making of the craft.
  2. Plan, prepare and manage the making of craft items to a design brief.
  3. Operate tools and equipment applicable to this craft carefully, safely and effectively.
  4. Make well constructed craft items to a design brief.
  5. Appreciate the contextual influences related to the craft.

There are 3 projects to be undertaken :

  • A blocked felt and a blocked straw hat
  • A hat made up from a drafted pattern
  • A set of 10 samples of trimmings and decorative techniques

A folder of work will also be produced

Course Dates to be Confirmed

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